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I am a millennial, an investor by passion and an engineer by profession. Aged 26, I currently manage my investment portfolio that is closing in on 6 figures and I have also discovered the various ways to generate monthly cash flow through investing.

However, it wasn’t always this way. I was first exposed to investing at the age of 13 when I read the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Since then I always appreciated the importance of investing as a means to achieve financial freedom. I continued to study investing, participated in competitions during my college days and attended many seminars and symposiums about investing.

Yet, when I graduated from college, I struggled to save enough money to invest. With great difficulty, I managed to save my first $2000. In spite of that and all those years spent studying investing, I was afraid and confused. I kept going to seminar after seminar hoping to get some “stock tips” from others so that I can make a profitable investment. After piecing together information and “stock tips” from several different sources, I invested my first $2000 that I almost never had and spent the next 4 years watching it decline 90%.

Feeling dejected, I continued to learn as much as I can and invested $6,000 on training programs to become a better investor hoping that the training and knowledge will make me a profitable investor. In spite of spending the money, some of the strategies didn’t work for me. Yet, I kept trying every strategy I could, read as many articles as I could find and sometimes spent 20 hours a week attending events and seminars hoping that somewhere I would find the secret to investing. As if that wasn’t enough, I scoured the whole of Youtube for ideas on how to invest successfully.

Then one day, as though a tipping point had been reached, it all made sense. I unpacked everything I had learned over almost a decade and distilled it down into a simple and easy to understand theory about what investing is all about and how it works. I used this blueprint to generate almost a 50% return in 7 months and one of my stock tripled in that same time period. Today, my portfolio is approaching the 6 figure mark and having enough money to invest is the least of my worries.

Since then, several family and friends have asked me how they too can get started investing. I started off by coaching my cousin who used the knowledge to pick a stock that generated a 60% return in 4 months.

It also lead to some amazing opportunities like getting a signed copy of Mary Buffett’s book from Mary Buffett herself (pictured below).

Just in case you’re wondering, the woman is Mary Buffett and I’m the guy in the blue shirt!!


I therefore started this blog to share my journey with others. My goals with this blog are:

  1. To share my journey and hold myself accountable towards hitting my first milestone of achieving a monthly passive income of $2000 from the stock market.
  2. Research shows that two-thirds of millennials do not invest due to fear and mistrust of the markets. My mission is to chip away at this number and bring it down as close to zero as possible by using Macroeconomics, Behavioural Economics and Austrian Economics to take the mystery out of the markets and explain how they work and why they crash.
  3. To help ensure other millennials don’t go through what I experienced – having everyone force their preferred investment vehicle and style down my throat. After having dabbled in just about everything from dividend investing, value investing, forex trading, indexing and using options to generate passive income, I’m here to show you that there are several different ways to go about investing. You need not know everything. You just need one strategy that suits your preferences and personality. Want to bring in passive income every month without having to read financial statements or pick stocks? I can show you how! Want to automate your investments so that you never have to worry about them and can simply sit back and watch them grow safely? I can show you that too! By investing in a manner you like, you will enjoy the process and constantly be in a state of flow.

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To your investing success,

Jalpan Dave

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